James Mitchell

Although garden-destroying pests must be a part of the ecosystem, it does not mean that you must tolerate them as part of your landscape. There are several commercial landscaping services in North Tulsa that can help you maintain your lawn. But it’s best to read some of these helpful ideas to help control the pest population in your¬†landscape.

Cut the grass

Although this is probably already a part of your routine, you should know how crucial it is in eliminating pests. Studies show that several pests get drawn to taller grass. Cutting it will ensure that you will not be attracting any bugs anytime soon.

Passive defense

You do not have to bring out poison as your artillery when battling these pests. All you need to do is to look for things that can be a great repellent against them. One thing that you can add to your garden is coffee grounds. This will increase the acid level in your grass. Slugs are not coffee fanatics as well as cats. There are even times when deer do not like its smell too.

Plant naturally repellent flora

Planting plants that are resistant to pest attacks is also a great way to combat these bugs. You can plan on where you will be placing these plants, so it will look great on the landscape.

These are a few ways to protect your landscape from pests. You can try to reach out to professional landscaping services near your area to get more tips on how to maintain your commercial landscape. It is best to learn as much as you can about proper landscape maintenance so you can keep its pristine condition at all times.

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