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Bed bugs are tiny insects, but they can quickly infest your home within the blink of an eye. If you suspect that there are bed bugs in your home, you should not ignore it. They will continue to multiply and spread throughout your home. To know the signs of bed bugs in a house and how to get rid of them, here is what you need to know.

The Symptoms

There are a few good tell-tale signs that you can look for if you think you have bed bugs. For instance, if you notice that you have itchy and red bites around your body and have not been around bugs outside your home, then they could be from bed bugs. Bed bugs do not spread disease, but they are bothersome. Plus, if you scratch the bites, it can lead to infection, scarring, and bleeding.

Bed bugs are called bed bugs for a reason – they live in your bed as you try to sleep. While bed bugs can live in other parts of your home, they prefer the mattress because they can feed off things such as your dead skin cells. If you notice that you have been sleeping uncomfortably, you might have a bed bug problem. Other symptoms of a bedbug-infested home is a musty and strong odor (similar to a wet towel), small brown ovals on your bed, etc.

How to Deal with It

pest exterminatorThere are many ways that you can deal with bed bugs. It would be best if you started by clearing out your home by putting things such as stuff toys and blankets into plastic bags. If you want, you can get rid of the bed bugs by placing the bag into a freezer or hot car. However, trying to use heat to kill bed bugs can be difficult because they die at 119 degrees Fahrenheit whereas the eggs die at 125 degrees Fahrenheit. It is easier for you to keep the bags in a freezer at 0 degrees Fahrenheit for at least four days (be sure to monitor the temperature).

When you remove items from rooms, you should thoroughly inspect them first. The last thing that you want to do is bring the bed bugs into another part of your home. You should also check the small nooks and crannies of your home for bed bugs and get rid of them. You can then try to treat your mattress and home by yourself using kits.

However, it would be best if you got a professional pest exterminator in or around Virginia Beach to kill the bed bugs in your house. Trying to get rid of them on your home may not be a permanent solution. You could miss certain spots of your home or not do an efficient job, which means that the bed bugs will infest your home again. If you get professional pest exterminator services, you can be sure that the bed bugs will be gone entirely.

Dealing with a bed bug-infested home can be troublesome. You can fix that issue right away by identifying the signs of bed bugs in the house and getting rid of them immediately.

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