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Moving to a different country is a big and oftentimes, intimidating step. Whether it’s for work, school, or you just want to relocate, moving abroad involves a lot of planning and paperwork.

By now, you’ve probably taken care of your passport(s) and visa(s), and other important documents for travel. And you’ve probably already hired one of those international movers or removalists to take care of transporting or relocating your possessions (and all the clearances and paperwork) as you move from Melbourne or Sydney to another country.

However, there are small details and things that people often forget when moving to another country. You might want to add these things to your to-do list before the big move.

Check for Local Mobile Providers

Instead of paying for roaming fees and using your current mobile service provider, you should start checking for mobile service providers in the country you would be moving to. Do your research, learn which one has the best service and/or reception in the area you’ll be living in.

Get a Universal Travel Adapter

There’s a big chance that your appliances and chargers’ plugs aren’t compatible with the sockets in the country you’re relocating to. So, be sure to stock up and buy adapters to ensure that you have working appliances and that you’re constantly on full battery (bringing a portable power bank would work temporarily). In addition, watch out for voltage differences; it would save you from a lot of trouble.

Stock Up on Local Products

Be sure to bring and pack up local delicacies and products that you won’t be able to buy in the country you’re moving to. Whether it’s a brand of sandwich spread, a local delicacy, or a native healthcare product, make sure you include them in your relocation package or have your international mover do it for you, especially if it needs to have customs clearance. Bring something from home. Not only would it help comfort you in your transition, but you can also share it with your new colleagues, neighbors, or friends in your new place.

Cancel Memberships and Other Monthly Charges

Be sure to cancel your phone plan, gym membership, your current (and soon-to-be-former) apartment/house’s utilities and/or rent, and any other service that you pay for regularly, especially if they’re tied to your bank or credit card. The bottom line is to make sure that once you leave your current country, no bills or charges would come back to haunt you or your credit card.

Mail Re-Routing

Putting mail in mail box

Have your local mail re-routed to a friend or relative’s house. They can read or mail it to your new address abroad when needed. You may also update your address or give the details to your mailing partners.

Schedule Your Health Appointments

Make sure that you take advantage of your current jobs’ health card or insurance plan. Get a dental, physical, vision checkup, and anything else that you can get before you go.

Say Goodbye to Families and Friends

Let the people close to you know that you’re moving to another country. Sometimes, you’d be too busy about the move that you’d actually forget saying goodbye. Go to your local pub and have a last drink. Check with your local grocery store and let them know that you’ll be leaving. Just make sure those who need to know that you’ll be moving to a different country would be informed.

It’s good to prioritize the important things such as your legal documents, living arrangements, and work or school when you’re moving to another country. But make sure you include the things discussed here in your checklist before you move abroad. You’ll thank yourself for paying attention to these once you’ve settled in your new home.

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