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In the movie Toy Story 3, Andy’s mom is putting aside boxes that Andy won’t use for college in their attic. This is a common depiction of how most homeowners use their extra space above their home for storage. But, in reality, there is more to the attic or the loft, aside from storage.

If you are thinking of finally using your topmost space for something other than storage, then you would need the help of loft conversion experts. But, as a homeowner, it pays to know how you want it to be before you start the whole renovation process.

Convert your loft to various functions

Whole living area

If you have the budget, converting your loft to be another area where one can live is ideal. Some homeowners choose to do so and earn by renting it out. A space with its bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, and living area can always attract tenants from various walks of life.


If you do not like the idea of sharing your home with a stranger, then converting it to another bedroom can also be done. Parents often convert the attic and make it the kids’ room with an overlooking view of the night sky.


Host a great party and have all the space that you need at the same time by converting your loft into a kitchen area. This allows you to have the flexibility of tending to your guests while making sure that turkey is cooked just the way it should.


Have your home library in your loft. The wide area will allow you to enjoy and store your vast collection of books while still having room for new ones. All you have to do is install shelves, have tables and chairs and a comfortable reading corner with natural light and you are good to go.

loft conversion

Office space

You can also enjoy the peace and quiet of being away from everyone and just concentrate on your work if you have your own office space in your loft. If your job is more on the artistic side, then using your loft as your workroom can also be done.

Home gym

There would be no excuse for you to skip the gym if you have it in your own home. Investing in home gym equipment and modifying the space to look like a gym through installing mirrors and even a shower can allow you to comfortably get the body that you want without leaving your home.

Laundry room

If your home as no laundry area or has a small one, then you can easily use your loft and convert it to a laundry room. This would require additional installation of vents and water supply, but having one can save you a lot of money and will be convenient. Not to mention, it is a wise use of your loft space.

If you can think it, then you can convert your loft to it. Just make sure your home foundation and loft can handle all the changes by consulting with the right professionals.

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