James Mitchell

Your air conditioner plays a huge role in making your home as comfortable, cozy, and livable as possible. As long as you operate and maintain it properly, you can keep enjoying the relief that its functionalities bring while also benefiting from the better indoor air its air filtration system provides.

Incorrect use, combined with lack of maintenance, lead to numerous problems, which can make the unit malfunction. When this happens, not only will the system inefficiently cool your home. It can also create indoor air quality (IAQ) issues.

What you need to know about indoor air quality

According to Home Comfort Experts, air conditioning specialists based in Indiana, indoor air quality is the general state of the air inside and around a building; in this case, your house. It goes hand in hand with not just the comfort level within your home, but your overall health as well.

When you have optimal IAQ at home, you have fewer health worries to think about, while you also stay cozy and comfortable indoors. Once this goes down though, you and everyone else at home are at risk of not just discomfort, but respiratory health concerns too.

What your air conditioner has to do with it

A properly functioning air conditioning unit in your home efficiently cools down the air inside the building, providing you and your loved ones a much-needed haven from the heat outside. However, it does more than this. Its filtration component also traps pollutants and contaminants, which then results in healthier, safer cooled air.

However, when problems arise, especially inefficiencies in its filtration system as well as leaks, it can do more damage than good. For instance, it may have compromised filtering abilities, or worse, no longer have the ability to filter the air. As such, it’s vital you address such issues right away. If not, the unit will keep circulating polluted and contaminated air throughout your home.

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