James Mitchell

Your garage door’s torsion springs do most of the heavy work. Too much strain and tension can result in broken springs, warn experts from Utah-based All Star Garage Doors Inc. But how will you know if the springs already need a replacement? Here are the top signs your garage door’s torsion springs are broken:

1. You always hear a loud banging sound in the garage

Once the torsion springs break, they unwind in less than a second and cause the coils to spin on the shaft, which results in a loud banging sound. Leaving the broken extension springs unattended can be dangerous especially if there is no safety cable running through the middle part of the extension spring.

2. You see a two-inch gap on the torsion springs

Seeing a two-inch gap on the torsion springs may also mean that they are already damaged. One of the reasons these springs get broken is wear and tear. The garage door tends to wear down every time you use it year after year.

3. The top part of your garage door is bent

Another issue that you should be aware of is bent damage on the top section of your garage door. Depending on your garage door’s type and configuration, an electric garage door opener may have a bend on its top section if it tries to open with a damaged spring.

These are just a few of the telltale signs that your garage door springs need to be replaced. If you see any of the signs, it is much better to contact a garage door repair service to inspect it and have it fixed immediately. Doing so will prevent any further damage or accidents from happening in the future.

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