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Temperatures in Keller, Texas plummet just above the freezing point during winter. It is essential to take care of your pool during this period to avoid damage from hard freezes, which may include cracking of pipes and pool walls.  The pool is also prone to disrepair, given the little activity during the cold season. Here are some ways you can protect your pool from damage through the hostile winter season.

Cover You Pool as the Weather Gets Cold

Covers help stop debris from falling into your pool. Sticks, insects, small animals, and other trash is likely to remain in the pool until the weather gets warmer. With a cover in place, you will not have do undertake a long and expensive process to clean the pool when conditions are right. Cover the pool days before it gets cold. Be removing any debris that has fallen on the cover regularly to prevent damage and perforation of the cover material.

Avoid Draining Water from Your Pool

Most of the homeowners tend to drain water from their pool when it gets cold. However, this is not usually the best move for several reasons. First, water helps maintain internal pressure against the pool walls. The pressure prevents the walls from crumbling. Any accidental falls into empty pools may also dangerous.

Check the Pool Heating Equipment Beforehand

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If you intend to use your pool during the cold season, it is important that you have the heating equipment tested. Otherwise, you would need to remove the heat pump from the pool to prevent freezing damage. It is advisable to have pool repair experts in Keller TX check your pool equipment before the start of the season if you intend to heat the pool during winter. Remember, if you intend to use the pool during the winter season, you have to keep it heated throughout the season.

Keep the Pool Water Chemically Balanced

If your pool is not treated with chemicals for the entire period of the winter season, there is a likelihood that that bacteria, algae, and waterlines will form on the pool. This will make it hard for you to clean the pool when you need to use it again. Treat the pool before covering it for winter and check at least once a month until the warm season resumes.

Use an enzyme to break down non-living materials from the surface of the pool as they cause the formation of a scum-like water line. Besides, discard any unused chemicals after the winter has started, especially the chemicals you have opened. They are most likely going to have lost their potency by the end of the cold season.

Proper Pool Maintenance Saves You from High Repair Costs

If you maintain your pool during the cold season, you will not pay high amounts for cleaning and maintenance when you are ready to use the pool again. Remember, frozen water expands and may damage pipes and other equipment, organic waste in the pool will continue to rot, and algae may grow. Take steps to prevent equipment damage and pool contamination during the period.

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