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If you’re an urban dweller, chances are you most prefer to live in a condominium unit rather than an actual home or apartment. This is due to the limited space the city has gotten since the majority of people working in the area also want to find a place to live nearby.

The real challenge is how you can make your space bigger. Luckily, if you’re thinking of investing in a condo for sale in Cebu City, there are some design tricks you can use to maximize your space.

Now, you’re probably curious how is this possible, so here is some simple design advice you can use to your own condo.

1. Use furniture with multiple functions

Rather than investing in furniture with a single purpose, try finding items that can be transformed into different equipment.

Your sofa that can become a storage shelf and bed if ever you invite over guests. Buying these kinds of furnishings would allow you to save more space as well as keep them out of sight when not needed.

2. Go for something compact and light

Since you have a small space, you don’t need big and chunky items in your place. Instead, go for the smaller or more compact version of them.

Rather than buying a complete sofa set, opt for a two- to the three-seater sofa to provide enough seating without eating too much space. The same can be said when you start shopping for items in your condo. Try to focus on functionality rather than size.

3. Keep your stuff at minimum

Wooden kitchenware setBefore filling your shopping cart with a bunch of items you “think” you need, try to re-assessing everything first. Do you need additional storage for your mugs if you’re only living alone? Do you really need to have separate shelving for magazines and that stuff if you barely buy an issue? In other words, only focus on things you often need.

4. Maintain a neat and tidy space

Even a little clutter on the floor can make your space look cramped and crowded. You need always to put things back to where they originally are. One good way to do that is to find storage for every single piece you own. This will preserve the organization in your place as well as make it look bigger.

5. Incorporate glass and mirrors

One of the oldest tricks when it comes to making small space larger is to make good use of glass and mirrors around your home. Adding these elements to your home create an impression that you have a larger space.

When used properly, they can produce an appealing appearance. Along with mirrors and glass, you need to properly use the natural lights because it can impact on the ambiance of your condo.

Make a comfortable and worthwhile condo living by following these styling tips and tricks for your space. Knowing these things will help you to adjust living in a tighter space. It can also provide easier accessibility as you brace yourself to a smaller space.

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