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In the before times, people would complain about needing to get out of the house to attend a party or accomplish errands. A 2018 journal article even showed that Americans, belonging to the 18-to-24 age bracket, spend 70% more time at home compared to other generations. They would rather binge-watch Netflix episodes of The Witcher or Money Heist than go dancing and drinking in crowded bars and clubs.

However, because of the pandemic, staying at home becomes more of an obligation rather than a preference of how a person spends their Friday night. This prolonged period of isolation and disconnection has led to people experiencing cabin fever. They feel more bored, restless, and irritated than usual. Some have trouble concentrating on a task, sleeping normal hours, and are experiencing weight gain due to the increased intake of junk food.

The new normal continues to take a toll on everyone’s physical and mental well-being. The home, initially regarded as a relaxing place from the outside world, has become more of a cage keeping people inside. Thankfully, it’s possible to spruce up your home to make it feel like your personal oasis again. Why not try these upgrades?

  1. Adopt a fluffy companion

Pets have long been considered man’s best friend, whether they’re the conventional dogs and cats or the less common rabbits and hamsters. They can improve a person’s mood and well-being, offering comfort and companionship that can shoo away loneliness and anxiety. Caring for an animal will also help add structure and routine to the seemingly never-ending days. There’s an added reason why you have to get out of bed on time instead of staying lethargic under the covers.

dog playing with a pink ball

  1. Designate a dedicated workspace

They did say you never know how much something matters until it’s gone. That’s how most people feel about the office after being required to work at home. Suddenly, you miss the fun banter with colleagues, the printer whose services stop when you’re in a hurry, and even the sleek corporate wall claddings in the receiving area.

You can cope with the sudden loss of the office by turning a corner of your home into a dedicated workspace. Having a separate area for work will distance any temptation of procrastination and goofing around. Your brain will learn to associate the space as somewhere you have to focus and be productive, and the same is true when you leave your work area.

  1. Hang air-purifying house plants

Experts have long stressed the importance of the great outdoors to a person’s well-being. Nature relieves stress, increases happiness, and improves one’s mood. Adding a potted succulent or Peace Lily to your living space will bring these health benefits to a stressful environment. They can help remove common toxins like carbon monoxide and formaldehyde as well as purify the air. You can even start an indoor herb garden for fresh ingredients whenever you need to cook your signature dish.

  1. Invest in a gaming console

Video games can serve as an escape, providing an alternate reality where everything is still normal. Friends can hang out with each other by visiting islands in Animal Crossing. Struggling freelancers can be successful moguls in business simulation games. Jet setters can visit foreign countries and look around museums in Assassin’s Creed. Being in the virtual world for a little while can bring back the control, community, and mental well-being that was lost due to the pandemic.

The relaxing of social distancing measures doesn’t seem to be in sight yet. People stuck at home can add a few upgrades to their living spaces to make self-isolation more bearable and enjoyable.

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