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Most business owners don’t see the importance of leveling up their bathrooms. They’re bathrooms, why do they need to be great, right? Well, going to the bathroom is often part of the customer experience. Just like the rest of your business, you should make sure your bathrooms are inviting as well.

Here are some tips to help you improve your business’s bathroom to make it comfortable for your customers.

1. Maximise Your Space

The bathrooms are usually the smallest areas of a business, but that doesn’t mean you can’t maximise the space. If you live in New Zealand where people are generally tall, for example, make sure you allot as much space as possible.

Whether you are constructing bathrooms or shower cubicles, everyone should be able to use it comfortably. No one likes being cramped in a stall when doing their business, so make sure you don’t scrimp on space.

2. Install Floor-to-Ceiling Mirrors

Mirrors don’t take a lot of space, but they will give the illusion of a bigger bathroom. Aside from the mirrors in front of the sink, consider adding floor-to-ceiling mirrors on several parts of the wall.

3. Eliminate Odors

One of the worst things a customer can experience in a commercial bathroom is smelling something awful. Granted, a public bathroom will have unpleasant smells from time to time, but you can combat these smells by placing odor-absorbing materials (e.g. charcoal, coffee grounds, odor-neutralising gel beads, etc.). To keep the bathroom smelling fresh, place automatic air fresheners as well.

4. Give Your Bathrooms a Makeover

If your bathroom is looking drab, consider getting it renovated. Small changes like a paint job, new fixtures and added decor can make it look like a whole new space.

5. Keep Your Bathroom Clean

spacious bathroom

Create a cleaning schedule for your business’ bathroom to keep it clean at all times throughout the day. If you leave it dirty, guests can only assume the worst for the rest of the business (particularly if you run a restaurant).

6. Use Soft-Lighting

Instead of bright fluorescent lights, go for soft LED lights. These lights are more energy-efficient and compared to brighter lights, it can prevent your guests from noticing dirt or stains in the bathroom. Moreover, soft lights will be easier on the eyes, making your guest’s bathroom experience more relaxing.

7. Incorporate Plants

Plants can absorb odors in the bathroom and improve the overall indoor air quality. Buy a few plants that are easy to maintain and place them in the corners, counters and along the entrance.

8. Improve Privacy

Avoid cubicles that have huge gaps in between the door or under the stall; this can make the occupant uncomfortable while using the bathroom. Instead, install cubicles that have little to no gaps around the doors and under the stalls or buy clasps that can be placed on existing cubicles.

Having an unsightly bathroom can be bad for business, even if the rest of the place is tip-top. To make your bathrooms an ideal part of your customers’ experience, consider doing these small adjustments.

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