James Mitchell

A common mistake that new house owners commit is that they skip on window or door installations. This could cost them if ever someone breaks into their premises. To prevent this from happening, you need to invest in security doors since they offer more protection than normal ones.

With some insight from door expert Liberty Home Products, here’s a closer look at the things that a security door can withstand.

Sun damage

Doors are exposed to sunlight all of the time because they are placed right in front of the house. You would usually install an awning which is an exterior covering attached to a wall to protect doors from outdoor elements, but not every household has one.

Thankfully, manufacturers design security doors with materials that can resist sun damage.


Constant exposure to air or water could cause rust to form on metal doors, whether it’s due to rainfall or accidental splashes. To help prevent rust from forming, security doors are coated with industry-grade solutions that protect it from the causes of rust.

Chips and scratches

Because people use doors every day, constantly opening and closing, it’s bound to bog down. There might be chips and scratches due to mishandling. While this might happen earlier for basic doors, security doors that are of sturdy metal can resist chips and scratches for a long time.


Security doors as designed to keep intruders at bay regardless of the time of day. The security industry knows that intruders, like outdoor elements, could strike unpredictably. Thanks to modern technology, security doors come with enhanced locks that only the owner can open.

In conclusion, security doors are sturdy mechanisms that can keep both outdoor elements and intruders at bay. Security doors can keep you safe from crime, while it keeps itself safe from the elements. For newbie homeowners, installing one is a step closer to total security.

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