James Mitchell

Doors are highly visible parts of any home, and as such, they require thoughtful attention during purchase. The right doors will add character and style to a structure’s design. Doors also minimise sound transfer between rooms and stand up durably for everyday use. Manufacturers make internal doors in Australia in different styles and with a variety of materials. Below is a list of internal doors you can choose from:

Folding doors

We use folding doors in wide spaces where a conventional swing door would be restricted in space. Folding doors combine the actions of both hinged and slider doors. We can use them as external or internal room dividers.

Wall-mounted barn doors

These barn doors glide flat against the wall. This type of doors is popular where space is abundant. Internal barn doors can adapt to a variety of styles as well as provide a safe and elegant solution for contemporary spaces.

Bypass doors

Bypass doors are used in storage areas or closets as they do not require space to operate. They are lightweight sliders that hang and roll along an overhead track. Manufacturers can build bypass doors with full-length mirrors or a combination of glass, wood, and fascia for a more dynamic look.

Pocket doors

A pocket door system is another type of slider used in places where there’s no room for a door to swing. They are two types of pocket doors. The first are those that allow doors to slide conveniently into a wall cavity. The other is doors that have a metal cage that provides a pocket for the door to sit in. Residential uses include laundry or utility rooms, closets, bathrooms, or home offices.

There is an extensive range of different types and styles of internal doors available. Internal doors add an individual touch to your home that reflects your personal style.

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