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Having an old or broken home window replaced surely gives that sort of relief, aesthetics-wise or security-wise. But replacing home windows require some significant effort, from choosing a type of window to actual considerations on what to fix. If you are planning to hire the services of home window replacement experts in Salt Lake City or anywhere in Utah, just read below.

Most Common Home Windows

There are now many types of home windows available in the market. Depending on your tastes and preferences, you can get the most appropriate type. Below are some of the most common windows you will find when shopping.

Hung Windows. Hung windows’ bottom panel or sash moves up and down while the upper sash stays still. Hung windows may be single or double. Choose the latter if you have a wider wall to cover.

Arched Windows. An arched window has a rounded top. Usually they serve as an architectural add-on to standard windows. And most do not close or open.

Awning Windows. Awning windows are best for places that get too much rain. The awning is water-resistant. They open outward to maximize ventilation and natural light.

Bay Windows. Bay windows are made up of a center window and two side windows. They protrude outward from a wall, creating a shelf. These windows need flat windows that are built on an angled frame.

Bow Windows. Bow windows create more space than a bay window. Usually, its curved windows are customized to produce that bigger, circular space. To have to window type, you will have to spend more.

Storm Windows. A storm window is fixed on the outside of window for added protection. They retain heat during the cold months. They also act as a shield from bad weather.

Sliding Windows. A sliding window is the most common among modern homes. It is made up of two sections. When opening or closing, one section slides horizontally over the other.

Replacing Your Home Window

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When replacing home windows, you also have to consider the type of replacement. Are you just replacing the sash or the frame, or are you replacing the whole window?

Replacing the sash. Replacing the sash or the glass panels is the easiest. You only need to replace them when the frame is still working fine. Choose sashes that fit the frame’s durability. A glazed sash, for instance, may be too sturdy for a weaker frame.

Replacing the sash and the frame. When the frame has begun to worn out, it is time to replace the frame. Most likely, the glass panels must also be replaced too. Only replace the frame and the sash when the window jambs are still in good working condition.

Replacing the whole window. A total window replacement means all parts of the window, from sash to jambs, are already in bad condition. Choose a strong frame with reinforced corners. Seek for flashing in better manage water. Also, look for sashes that tilt to help you better in cleaning.

Home window replacement should not be expensive. If you wish to save energy, look for replacements that take in more light or hold more heat. Security is important too. Modern windows are more reinforced and are built for utmost protection. Choose based on your current needs.

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