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Many homeowners overlook the value of keeping their furnaces in excellent condition, and this leads them to substantial losses. A poorly maintained heater is likely to break down, endanger your life, and leave you with expensive repair bills.

Gleaning from HVAC services in Salt Lake City, your unit heats and cools a few thousand times to keep your home at optimal temperatures during extreme weather. That much heating and contraction are likely to take a toll on the metallic parts of the unit. When metal heats up, it stresses, cracks, and breaks, lowering the efficiency of the furnace.

Keep the Indoor Air Quality High

One of the most overlooked parts of your furnace is the heat exchanger. It is the part of the vent that goes up the flue and makes the air circulate in your home. Vent gases contain carbon monoxide, which you certainly do not want in the house.

Carbon monoxide is poisonous and can cause death or permanently damage the brain and other organs. It harms more people than different kinds of poison. When gas heaters are regularly maintained or modified, they hardly produce carbon monoxide. Incomplete combustion, one cause of carbon monoxide poisoning, has been practically eradicated in modern heaters though Oxygen Depletion Sensors (ODS).

Sadly, these devices do not react to incomplete combustion induced by abnormal gas pressure. Therefore, carbon monoxide poisoning from unvented heaters is still a concern nowadays.

At great concentrations, carbon dioxide can result in drowsiness and add to the “muggy” feeling of private houses. Even when burning correctly, all unvented gas furnaces produce high levels of carbon dioxide in the home.

Therefore, you want the unit free of cracks and holes to avoid such dangerous gases from leaking into the home. The most efficient method to subdue these hazards is to cease use of unvented heaters. Consider switching to vented gas or electric machines. After working tirelessly to heat your house, a seal or a weld can open up in the exchanger. Having an expert service the furnace lets you solve these problems and keep your family safe.

Increase the Service Life of the Unit

Home furnace air filterWith proper sizing and installation, a home furnace can serve you for up to 20 years. Depending on your model of choice and the complexity of the job, a new setup can set you back between $2,000 and $5,000. That is no chump change, and with regular maintenance, you will not incur it for a long time.

Naturally, the efficiency levels of a furnace decrease as it gets older due to wear and tear. Remember that this unit heats up and cools down thousands of times over its service life. Replacing the worn parts keeps the furnace in good working condition and prevents extensive damages that can saddle you with a hefty repair tab.

Having an HVAC expert look at your furnace at least once a year can save you thousands of dollars. It lets you keep your unit running seamlessly for a long time, lowering the chances of a breakdown.

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