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Summer is almost here but, unfortunately, a particular invisible enemy has forced everyone around the world to retreat inside their homes. You have to spend more time indoors, which means that, at least for the time being, you will be saved from the myriad of allergens that come with the warmer months.

Prevent yourself from spending quarantine sneezing repeatedly by addressing these common concerns.

Have You Given Your Carpet a Thorough Clean?

Sure, the carpet makes the room look cozy. However, although you vacuum at least once a week, it might be accumulating dust, dirt, pet dander, mold, and others.

A dirty carpet is not just unsightly. It might also be causing an allergic reaction from you and members of your family.

Give your local carpet cleaners. There are businesses in London that will give your carpets a deep clean to remove allergens. They will also remove all kinds of stains that a normal cleaning solution will not be able to handle.

In addition to using the vacuum weekly, a thorough cleansing of your carpet should be part of your regular home cleaning routine to make sure that you will not be suffering from pesky allergic reactions all-year-round.

Should You Take Your Drapes Down?

The heavy fabric used in drapes look luxurious, but they secretly capture common allergens that have been making you sneeze. Now that it is summer, it might be time to take them down and replace them with slatted blinds.

Slatted blinds are easier to clean because you can just wipe off dust easily and, therefore, more allergy-friendly. Moreover, slatted blinds will allow you to open your windows and let the cool air in or block the sunlight you want to sleep.

Could Your Laundry Be the Culprit?

There are many possible reasons why the clothing that you wear is causing an intense allergic reaction. One, there might be something in your detergent or fabric softener that does not agree with you. Many people are allergic to the dye and the fragrance used in laundry products. Two, you may have been unknowingly bringing outdoor allergens inside through your laundry. Check the pollen count of the day before you hang wet clothes to dry under the summer sun. Otherwise, skip the clothesline and get yourself a drying rack that you can use indoors.

When Did You Last Wash Your Sheets?

Minimalist attic bedroom with bed pallet design

Your bed traps all kinds of unwanted materials. While you were asleep, dust mites may be hiding in the creases of your bedding without your knowledge.

Dust mites are common indoor allergens that are usually found in places that do not get regularly cleaned. They are microscopic, so you will not know if they are present in a room. However, constant sneezing is a tell-tale sign that your bedroom may be infested with dust mites.

To kill the pesky critters, wash your bedding in hot water at least once a week. Another option is to buy hypoallergenic sheets that resist allergens and ensure that you will sleep in peace.

Face it; you will be spending a lot more time inside your house until the current global crisis blows over. Take this quarantine as an opportunity to do your chores and give your house a thorough cleanse so you can breathe easily this summer.

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