James Mitchell

Are bathrooms the least important part of the house? Many would say it’s the least fun part, but it sure does more than give you space where you can relieve yourself. As a matter of fact, the bathroom may be more important than the living room or patio.

It Gives Complete Privacy

When you are inside the bathroom, perhaps preparing for a bath after a long day of work in Davis County, you get to shut everything out. They can’t go inside with you. Not even your partner can invade your bathroom time if you keep the door locked. This room in the house is more than just a collection of the toilet, sink, bathroom countertops, and vanity. It’s a sanctuary, one where you think of nothing else but your needs. When you’re busy tackling a stressful day, you put off things that benefit no one but you. You may even push off going to the bathroom until you finish a task. But when you’re finally inside, everything else is put on hold so you can be in tune with yourself and think of what your body needs.

It Offers Space for Relaxation

It’s hard to find time to relax when you’ve got a busy life. It may have started with one overloaded week but somehow things didn’t get better. You feel high-strung all the time and someone dropping a pen might easily set you off. You know you need to relax, but vacations are simply not an option. If you’ve got a bathroom fully equipped with a tub and some relaxing candles, you can relax as needed. And no, you don’t need a whole entertainment system in there just to feel relaxed. Enjoy peace and quiet instead, and let the water wash away all your stress. No one will judge you if you take a glass of wine with you too.

It Lets You Tune Out

Because of everyone’s busy schedule, it became a sign of luxury to have a television in the bathroom. It’s a way to save time–you get to catch up on morning news during your shower. What this does, however, is keep you switched on and connected to all the noises of the world. You can read the newspaper later during the commute or listen to the radio while driving, but let shower time be just for showering. Everyone needs to disconnect from time to time. It helps you focus and be less distracted later in the day.

It’s a Place for Reflection

Woman in bath tub

Do you hate how the day turned out? You’re sure you could have done better but you just can’t figure out how the situation got so complicated. You may not be able to change what happened, but you can reflect on the things you said, to know if you could have worded things better. Arguments remain unresolved when two parties are listening just to talk back instead of understanding where another person is coming from. The serenity of the bathroom helps you think clearly so that you can learn from what happened and can be a better listener next time.

Next time you pass by the bathroom thinking it’s nothing but a basic room, think again. You may not be seeing just how useful it is.

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