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When homeowners are cleaning and maintaining of their homes, the roof of the house is among the many parts of the home that go unnoticed and untouched. Is it because roofs are high and hard to reach? Not really. Many homeowners do not know the significance of having a home with a clean roof and as a result, ignore cleaning it. However, if you want to protect your home, roof maintenance is an inevitable process. And do you know that roof maintenance is incomplete without a clean roof?

Before you get the ladder and cleaning supplies to clean your roof, have a look at some of the things that you should expect with roof and gutter cleaning in Seattle:

DIY cleaning is not an option

The craze about DIY projects has many homeowners thinking that they can handle all the aspects of maintaining their home. Cleaning your roof will require the use of ladders to reach great heights. You need using large and professional ladders to minimize the chances of ladder falls. You also should use particular cleaning products to eliminate all the dirt. Failure to use the recommended cleaning products compromises the state of your roof. Why not hire roof cleaning experts for a safe and effective cleaning process?

Chemical washing vs pressure washing

Roof cleaning professionals have two cleaning methods to choose from; chemical washing or pressure washing. Chemical washing requires the use of specific chemicals to eliminate the dirt on the roof. The cleaning expert will then rinse the roof to eliminate all the chemicals. The pressure cleaning method takes advantage of the water pressure to dislodge any dirt from the roof.

Roof cleaning should be regular

Cleaning your roof is a critical element of roof maintenance, but you have to do it regularly. Regular cleaning does not allow debris to accumulate for long and thus makes the next cleaning easier and shorter. Cleaning your roof will protect its condition for years, and that will directly impact the value and look of your home. You will also notice any problem with the roof during the cleaning sessions and call for urgent repairs.

Your home is safe when your roof is clean

man removing rotten wood from roof

Did you know that your home can survive a storm because your roof is clean? Unlike dirty roofs, clean roofs have minimal debris to create an abrasive force against your roof during a storm. A dirty roof is vulnerable to damage, and a light storm can even increase the extent of the damage if your roof is not intact. In extreme stormy weather, the storm can blow away the roof shingles. That will call for unnecessary and costly repairs that you would avoid if your roof were clean.

Cleaning your roof may seem like a hard nut to crack. However, the process is critical for a home, and you could be risking much when you stay with a dirty roof. There are also risks such as falling from the roof when cleaning which may scare you from the practice. Having professionals in Seattle do roof and gutter cleaning for you will save you the trouble, and you be confident that your roof will not live less than its service life.

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