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There has been an increase in the safety features of warehouses and manufacturing plants today, with the different legislation currently in place. While most people readily comply with all these procedures, including the addition of more warning and safety signs and provision of PPE, only a few believe that their floors have a huge role in their work environments.

The floor, if not properly installed and maintained, can be the leading cause of slips and deadly accidents in the workplace. Moreover, its ability to withstand traffic and activity in your area will be compromised. Good thing, concrete repair experts in Kansas City can recommend techniques to increase the traction of your floors and minimize the risks of slips and falls. These methods will also boost the ability of your floors to withstand the different elements they are exposed to.

One of the best techniques to improve your concrete floor’s traction, durability, and aesthetic appeal is the use of aggregates. The following are the different types of aggregates:

Silica Sand

This is the primary aggregate used in epoxy-coated concrete floors. It comes in varying sizes with #000 being the finest texture, making it not highly slip resistant. Medium sized sand aggregate is labeled #00.

Though this has more traction compared to the #000 variety, it makes floor cleaning difficult and should only be used in floors which have a cleaning pan. The largest sized aggregate is the #0 which delivers the highest traction level. Silica sand is ideal for environments where spilt lubricants and oils are common, such as machine shops.

Aluminum Oxide

Though sand is inexpensive, it is not as strong as metal and will break over time. Aluminum oxide is the ideal choice for those looking for strength. This material will also retain its angles with continued use along with its slip resistance. There are different sizes of aluminum oxide, with the large grains generally used for wet areas.

A mop might suffice for cleaning floors with fine aluminum oxide aggregate, while a scrubber is necessary for those with large and medium aggregates.

Walnut Shells

concrete parking lot

This aggregate is generally used in concrete parking lots. The walnut shells will increase the traction for foot and vehicular traffic when the paving is wet. Moreover, the shells will generate paving which is spark-proof, minimizing the chances of unpleasant driving experiences on your pavement.

Glass and Polypropylene Spheres and Plastic Media

These are used for the enhancement of slip traction on floors with light foot traffic. They are also ideal for property owners looking for concrete floors which are easy to clean. Glass and polypropylene spheres and plastic media are ideal for light manufacturing plants like pharmaceutical industries. The aggregates provide better floor traction with minimal risk of dust accumulation.

These aggregates will be used in between your concrete’s epoxy finish. When looking to increase the traction of your concrete floor, there are some elements which will be the determining factors, such as the resin on your floors and the quantity of the lock coat you will use. If the lock coat installed on your floors is too heavy, then your floor’s traction will be reduced.

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