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A backyard deck is a perfect spot to relax during lazy afternoons, bond with the family on warm evenings, and bask in the beauty of the outdoors. As with any outdoor living space, however, it is prone to wear and tear. When this happens, homeowners tend to ignore the area and stop caring for it.

But just because your deck is now looking dull and lifeless doesn’t mean that it has no more value. The good news is that there are many ways to revamp the deck that used to be your favorite spot at home. With some creative add-ons, you can transform your deck in an instant. Here are some tips for bringing back the glory of your beautiful deck:

Clean and coat it

Start by cleaning what needs to be cleaned. Get rid of dirt, debris, and stains that have accumulated since you stopped maintaining your deck. Liven up those boards by giving them a fresh coat. Gleaning from deck coating services in Salt Lake City, a new coat won’t only beautify the boards but will also give them the necessary protection against the elements.

Add some greens

Green plants and flowers are great home decorations. Using them is one of the best ways to make your outdoor space even more outdoorsy. Set up cute planters and containers along the railings or beside a door. You can choose anything, from colorful annuals and herbs to vines and small citrus trees. Hanging baskets are also beautiful additions. The result is a serene atmosphere for your family to enjoy.

Revamp your railings

Railings double as a safety feature and an aesthetic element. Give your deck a modern touch by installing frosted glass panels. Add decorative spindles and ball tops for added character. For a more contemporary feel, go for steel wires. If you want to stay rustic and traditional, merely give your wooden rails a new stain.

Bring out the pillows

Backyard deck with couchMake your deck seating more comfortable by adding pillows. Other than making your deck more inviting, pads also work as great accents. Choose pillows with colors that will cheer up your sofa or bench. How about a matching rag underneath?

Add a screen

There are different screening solutions to use when you’re not fond of the views or the glaring sun. You can go for small-slat wooden screens, outdoor fabrics, or big umbrellas. Make sure that your screen or roofing can withstand the harshest weather elements. Consider a custom roof frame if you live in an area that experiences heavy rainfall.

Turn it into al fresco spot

Convert your deck into an area to enjoy meals and refreshments. Set up a small outdoor kitchen on one side and a lovely dining table set on another. Other great additions include grills, under-counter refrigerators, tiki bars, and wine coolers. When all is set, the family will have more reasons to bond over good food and maybe even host a small party with close friends.

These are only some ways to make your neglected deck more useful and exciting. All you need to do is use your creativity and achieve a balance between functionality and aesthetics. If you need help with your deck remodeling project, work with a licensed contractor to ensure success.

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