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Water heaters currently make an essential part of all properties. They ensure your washing machines, showers and dishwashers have a steady hot water supply. Getting the right water heater, however, involves more than walking into a shop and selecting the best-looking appliance.

The critical element that should influence your water heater choice is its rating. The ratings used on water heaters for Orem clients determine their performance and efficiency. Here are the crucial ratings that should influence your decision, explained by Expert Plumbing, Heating, Air and Electrical.

First-Hour Delivery

This rating is commonly abbreviated FHD and in some cases FHR. FHD ratings denote the hot water quantity your heater will generate within its first hour of functioning.

Different heaters will take different periods to get back to the initial FHD rate after this hour. The ideal FHD rate for your water heater is determined by your consumption of hot water within an hour.


Your heater’s capacity rating indicates its storage ability. This rating generally goes hand in hand with the FHD rate. The capacity rating you should pick for your heater depends on your property’s hot water consumption.

This does not mean you should get a 200-gallon capacity tank if this is your average consumption. You should consider the FHD rating as well to determine the amount of hot water you need within an hour before the tank refills.


Heaters nowadays come with energy labels indicating their efficiency rating. These labels range from A–G, with A being the most energy-efficient and G the least efficient. In addition, energy ratings are color-coded, with red denoting the least energy-efficient and green, the highest energy-efficiency.

Water heaters undergo various revisions to boost their efficiency, and the above ratings are constantly changing. Before settling on one, therefore, get a plumber to advise you on the latest advancements and evaluate your property’s needs. This advice will guarantee you get the best-rated water heater on the market.

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