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When it comes to fashion and style, some men are so not into it. They think that it is time-consuming and unnecessary. But it should be understood that fashion is all about self-expression and creating an image, which is a social asset. So if you want to impress your date or that prospective client you have been dealing with, you ought to look neat and stylish. While you will have the essentials, such as dress shirts, button-downs, and chinos, you have to invest in high-quality footwear. Surprisingly, many base their first impression on the shoes a person is wearing.

If you are looking to buy new pairs of shoes, you have to stick to the classics. Most of them are simple yet elegant. But you can always explore other options, especially if you know that you have already mastered the basics. So get a shoe cabinet from Singapore and put in the following pairs:

A Pair of Dress Shoes

As you get old, you will realise that you will be attending more formal occasions and events such as weddings, industry awards shows, and client presentations. Of course, you will want to look sharp in these situations. Complement your formal or smart casual attire with a pair of dress shoes, which may be oxfords or derbies. Go for high-quality leather, as shoes having this material will surely stand the test of time. You can either get a black or brown pair.

Casual Derbies

mens bootsGot a date night? Looking dapper is certainly one of the agendas. But you might not want to look too sharp in your dress shoes. You might want to dress down by wearing casual derbies. You can either go for derbies with long-wing broguing or simply go for the pair without any design. Create a statement by wearing socks with funky colours or patterns. You may also elect to go sockless.

White Sneakers

If your office allows you to dress down, that should not be an excuse to be lax about it. Instead, put your best foot forward. Cuff your chinos and denim and pair them off with a pair of crisp white leather sneakers. Pairs from the likes of Common Projects and Axel Arigato make a great investment.

Penny Loafers

Still, in smart casual dressing, you can use penny loafers as a substitute for white sneakers. If you are wearing a blazer and a pair of cropped trousers, penny loafers will surely seal the deal. Contrary to purists’ claims, you can always wear coloured socks to add some character.

When you build your style capsule, you need to have the basics that you can easily mix and match. You have the essentials, such as button-downs and high-quality pants, but make sure that you have beautiful pairs of shoes that will go along with these pieces. One benefit of having a flexible shoe wardrobe is that you will always have something to wear no matter what the occasion is. Furthermore, you also get to create a good impression.

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