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Some of the most iconic furniture designs follow certain sensibilities. These time-tested design themes are so popular that they often recur for a new audience. Furniture design experts like Authentic Provence offer the following designs:

Gustavian Furniture

A design that has shown to be fashion-forward is Swedish Gustavian furniture. Named after King Gustav III, it first came into prominence during the 1780s. The design is a toned-down version of French Neoclassicism, with predominantly white rooms, lime-washed floorboards, huge mirrors, and a crystal chandelier. The same design can find its place in the modern home without any problem. Table legs, as well as those of chairs and sofas, had scalloped detailing with a rosette at the top. A variation of this style is called Provincial Gustavian or the Swedish Country Style, which used ochre, darker blues, and vibrant reds. Nowadays, there is modern furniture marketed as “Gustavian-style,” which became popular during the 19th century. Gustavian furniture fetches high prices since they are original creations and have appreciated in value. IKEA marketed a Gustavian-inspired line of furniture during the mid-1050s and the late 1990s.

Mid-century Design

Another distinctive style of furniture is called the mid-century design. Mid-century was a style from the 1930s to the 1960s and was influenced by the Modernist movement. It was based on organic influences with simple forms and an emphasis on function. A distinguishing feature of the Mid-century Style is a clean and minimalist approach to furniture. It blends well with other furniture. Usually made in Japan, Italy, and Denmark, the functionality of this design works well with simple lines and excellent craftsmanship.

You can quickly identify furniture through their styles. Gustavian and Mid-century furniture are iconic. These designs have proven their longevity and popularity.

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