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The minimalist movement has created more living space at home. However, even minimalists need storage space. Otherwise, where will they put their stuff? This adds to the truth that every home needs storage solutions. And there’s more benefit to it than just providing a space to store items.

Having enough space at home can result in a clean, organized area. And when your home is free of clutter, it can also become more spacious and inviting. This can bring peace of mind to any homeowner, whether their living space is big or small.

And while most homeowners worry about where to put their stuff, additional storage can be created out of less commonly-used space at home. It only takes a little ingenuity to build more storage at home. This article can help you get some ideas about where these spaces are. Here are eight areas in your home that you can turn into additional storage spaces.

Outdoor Structures

Start from the outside. You have additional storage spaces in your yard, and it’s not just the garage and the good old shed. The gap under the deck is an underestimated space that can also double as a storage solution. Also, it can be used as an alternative garage. Patios can be installed with dividing walls to store bikes, lawnmowers, and if you have kids, you can keep their yard toys in there, too.


Use seating options that double as storage solutions. If possible, all seats in your house should have storage in them. From the entryway to the kitchen, seating options should have storage underneath them. Seating options that can double as storage solutions can include benches, ottomans, and even sofas.

If you want to spend less but maximize storage, you can create your own benches with storage underneath them instead.


The bedroom is often where you need the most space. You need extra storage for linens, clothes, shoes, and other personal stuff. Why not turn your bed into a storage solution? Add under-bed organizers to hide in seasonal or rarely-used items from your closet.

But if you want your storage solution to last long, build or purchase a bed with storage instead. Most beds with storage have under-bed drawers in them. Others have built-in shelves in the headboard. When you build or buy a bed with storage, however, choose one that will offer the most convenience to you.


Take a minute to observe the doors in your house. Have you noticed the extra space above them? According to the Family Handyman magazine, you can use them to build an overhead display shelf. Often, doors in the bathroom and bedroom are the best places to install an above-door storage option.

In the bathroom, an above-door shelf can store towels and toilet paper. In the bedroom, this space can be used for books or toys.

You can also install hooks and racks at the back of doors if space permits. These are perfect places to store scarves, bags, hats, and other personal items.


People often have wall shelves to store items. However, if you look up in your house, you’ll notice that there are extra spaces up there that are not yet used along the wall perimeter of most rooms. Take advantage of these spaces. Just like with the above-door shelves, you can also install wall shelves up there. This can be a great space to store books and other stuff that you don’t use anymore.

Hanging Shelves and Drawers

Maximize space in your drawers and under your hanging shelves. Use drawer dividers to organize stuff in your drawers. If they are organized, they can provide more storage space for you.

You can also install clothes rods under hanging shelves in your bedroom and laundry room.

Above and Below Cabinets

Kitchen cabinets often have extra spaces above and below them. You can use them to add more storage in your kitchen.

You don’t have to worry about the space above the kitchen cabinets. They don’t need any modification. You can simply put stuff up there. For space below cabinets, however, you still need to install drawers in them. And because this space is slim and flat on the ground, it can b a great space to store thin objects such as unused trays, chopping boards, and baking sheets.

Bonus: Chests

According to the home improvement television show, This Old House, chests, especially vintage ones, can add style and function to any room in your house. They are great storage solutions for toys in your children’s bedroom, throw pillows in your living room, and blankets in your bedroom.

Work With What You Have

Remember that no one ever complains about having too much storage space. They are necessary, even if other people don’t admit it. However, the secret to having more storage at home is to use areas that you already have. You just have to look at them from a different angle.

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