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Whether you’re fresh off of your tiling certificate course or read up on DIY tiling, there’s still a lot that can go wrong with your project. Problems like loose pieces and cracks can affect not only the appearance of the place, but it can also risk the safety of people stepping on the tiles. If you find that your installation didn’t go well, you should take a look at these possible problems and how to solve them.

You Spaced Them All Wrong

Imagine working on your tiling project for hours on end only to step back and see that some of the panels are either too far or too close to each other. What’s worse is that if some of the tiles are already set, you may have a hard time chiselling them out again.

While following the lining you’ve drawn before you laid your tiles, it’s not enough to ensure even spacing. Eliminate the guesswork by getting a pack of tile spacers from your nearest hardware store. Once you’ve laid your first tile, add a spacer to one of its corners. Add the next tile to one of the spacer’s quadrants and repeat the process until you’re done. Once the adhesive sets, remove your tile spacers immediately. If you’re afraid of the panels shifting when you take off the spacers, remove them before you start grouting.

You Misused the Grout

Speaking of grout, it’s annoying to see the gaps in your tiles cracking and overflowing after it sets. What’s even more of an eyesore is when you use the wrong colour of grout for your project. However, you shouldn’t be too flustered because of this mistake. Even the pros get it wrong. Make sure you’re not using too much water when mixing your material, as it can result in air bubbles and cracks.

When you have the perfect consistency be careful that you’re not spreading too much on your tiles. This can cause the grout to balloon to your tiles’ surface. Avoid this problem by rinsing the grout with warm water and a sponge before it sets. And if there’s still too much material sticking out, use a chisel to shave them off. And if you used the wrong colour, you can easily cover it up with a tile pen.

You Wasted Too Many Tiles

Man replacing flooring with tiles

Whether you cracked your tiles in the process of cutting or chiselling for a do-over, it’s frustrating to drive to the hardware store and shell out more cash for new ones. To prevent this from happening, invest in a diamond wet saw to get precise cuts every time. All you need to do is to plug it in, add water to its reservoir, and feed the tile according to the markings you’ve made. While the machine is expensive, the speed and accuracy you get from it more than make up for the cost.

What’s great about tiles is that they give any space a clean and symmetrical look. If your work comes out looking uneven, don’t give yourself a hard time. Give these tips a try first. While it may be hard work to completely redo your tiling project, the practice you get from it will boost you into a rewarding tiling career.

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