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Many homeowners think they can deal with any plumbing issue with the many advancements in technology. However, there are cases when you may need to repair underground piping. But can you do that without having to dig up the surrounding area? With the help of a plumber who does trenchless repairs, you will have your drains up and running without digging up the area surrounding them.

Drain repair projects are a huge nuisance for many households and businesses. They are not only expensive but also disruptive and time-consuming. However, all these issues can be avoided during your next drain repair in Coventry with trenchless repair methods.

Cured in Place Pipe (CIPP) Lining Method

This is one of the most popular methods of underground drain repair. Many professionals prefer to use this method since it is the least invasive and causes minimal damage to property. It is best used for repairs that could cause cracks and punctures. You can repair pipes made from almost any material. It can be used to prepare pipes that transport sewage, chemicals, gas, or water. Additionally, it saves on labour, excavation costs, and time to drain repairs.

Pipe Bursting

Also referred to as torpedoing, this method provides for an excellent trenchless repair option. However, instead of repairing the existing damaged pipe, this method replaces the pipe altogether. It is best used on pipes that require upsizing in case the flow capacity of the existing pipe is not satisfactory. Additionally, it can also be used on pipes that are damaged beyond repair and need to be replaced. Although pipe line bursting does not require massive excavation, it needs a little bit of digging to create the insertion and receiving points for the pipe.

Each of these methods is best suited for specific types of repair. For instance, CIPP is best used on pipes that are still usable. But if your problem is a simple puncture, crack, or a tree root, then this is the best repair method. You don’t have to dig a trench to fix your underground pipes.

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