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Man adjusting AC temperatureProviding heating and cooling equipment is a great way to help homes stay comfortable in summer and winter. Since these units are considered seasonal, the dreaded off-peak brings about a stretch of slow business where your storefront and website become ghost towns.

Never let the seasonal slumps get you down. Use this valuable time to advertise and make the most out of your HVAC franchise opportunity. Here’s how to gain smashing success as you roll into the peak season again.

Grow your database

Get a list of your past customers and the people who have expressed interest in your business while the season is hot. It’s best to grow your database while everyone is around. This will enable you to create a better strategy when the peak season is over.

Make certain that your website has plenty of call-to-actions for your audience to keep in touch. Give them rewards to redeem for staying loyal all year round.

Gather customer reviews

Ask your customers for feedback and testimonials as the season comes to an end. Since they have only recently bought your units, they will have a more detailed and personal review that will resonate with off-season readers.

Gather positive reviews that will remind your customers of the hot summer days when all they wanted was to get an air conditioner to cool off. Use these stories, along with video and photo submissions, in your off-season blog posts.

Man adjusting heating thermostatStay social

Your market doesn’t vaporize during off-peak. Better stay relevant in their minds the entire year. Even if you don’t see air conditioner shoppers chilling outside your store, they are certainly perusing your social media feed. That means your business should leverage social networks to stay top of mind year-round.

You don’t have to sleep through the winter to make your next air conditioner sale. Keep in touch with your customers so they will remember your store when the season becomes hot again.

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