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It’s amazing how much clutter comes with having kids. It can be difficult to keep things organized and ensure that everything has a place. In this video, the presenter shows how you can use containers to help keep kids furniture and rooms organized.

The presenter talks about how one of the toughest things to keep up with is toy clutter. It’s great for kids to have a variety of toys to play and explore with, but toys easily become the source of messes, and it can be hard to know where to put everything.

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For this, she buys and labels crates for different types of toys. Something useful about the video is that she tells you the specific items she uses and where she bought them.

When it comes to clothing, a useful tip is to use hanger dividers in the closet. These dividers are small and wooden, and they are labeled with the types of clothes that should be placed in their section, such as dresses, or button-ups. This makes it easy for parents and kids to know where clothing should be hung. With her dressers, the presenter put dividers in long drawers to separate clothing items, along with labels on the top of the drawers to explain what goes where.

This video is jam-packed with tips. It will help anyone to optimize kids furniture for better organization.

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