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Some may not put too much thought into choosing their interior and exterior doors, or put more emphasis on the exterior doors only. However, there are many factors to consider when buying a door for your home wherever it is located.


Doors come in a wide variety of materials, such as wood, steel, aluminium, vinyl, and fibreglass. Many people choose wood for its visual appeal, although it might not be as durable as other materials. The least expensive door material is steel, and it offers ample security and durability. Unlike steel, aluminium can resist rust and corrosion, making it suitable for areas where moisture can be an issue. Vinyl is affordable, durable and low maintenance. Fibreglass is also durable, but could be susceptible to cracks and vulnerable to low temperatures.

Door shutter operation

Aside from the standard hinged doors, there are other types of doors based on their shutter operation that are good for different applications. Rolling shutter doors, for one, are very secure and durable, and are often seen in garages and shops. For spaces that have large openings, sliding doors are very ideal because they do not disrupt the other components of the space, and provide easier accessibility for persons with disabilities. Folding doors are also great for large openings and as partitions for two rooms that can be used as one. Revolving doors are commonly used by buildings with heavy foot traffic, like hotels, hospitals, corporate buildings and public buildings.


man inserting keys in door knobSecurity is a general issue for homeowners and its intensity would depend on the area. The doors you choose should be durable, and easy to furnish with locks. Doors with high-end security features also help in boosting your home’s value. However, they should not be too complex to open or close and compromise overall accessibility.


Choosing the right hardware would elevate your door’s efficiency and aesthetics. Door hardware mainly includes locksets, hinges, and latches. Locksets include the knob or handle and locking mechanisms, and can come in different designs depending on the application. Most locksets include door knobs, but lever-type handles can be a more stylish option that is also more efficient for people with disabilities.

Hinges come in different types, with the butt hinge as the most common of these. Butt hinges are used for standard doors, windows, cabinets, boxes, and almost all kinds of furniture that require hinges. There are a lot of designs for butt hinges for doors, such as rising butt hinges, and fire butt hinges. Many kitchen cupboards use concealed or adjustable door hinges that are completely concealed when the door or lid of a compartment is closed. There are also pivot hinges that rotate when they are opened and might be needed for taller doors that need to be kept aligned.

Other door hardware you might want to consider having are door bells, door knockers, and door flaps.


Doors need to be able to withstand changing conditions while being low maintenance. The durability of the material weighs in a lot here, especially if your area faces water or drought problems. Also consider using waterproof flooring around the doorway to prevent issues from popping up often.

When choosing your door, make sure that you are aware of its quality, durability, climate conditions, cost, and maintenance factor. Do not forget to align it with your decor, design and door style, too.

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