James Mitchell

The city is the place for everything big and glamorous, active and professional, successful and rewarding. Many of us moved to the city years ago in our 20s to find ourselves and build our careers. We have savored the many advances in technology, food, travel, and entertainment that we can only get from these capitals, where almost everything is possible with just a bit of elbow grease.

But some of us may be thinking of going back to a more peaceful place where we can get past the hustle and bustle of city life. Although the city can boast many benefits and opportunities for every kind of person, less-urban living spaces can also offer some good things that most people can only dream of having. Here are some reasons why people decide to hire residential moving services and leave the city to return to their old homes.

People and Space

Most big cities are filled to the brim with crowds of people. You can meet all people from all walks of life just by walking down a busy street. But you may never be sure of how people can be due to the diversity of personalities and temperaments. And with a large number of people in the city comes the reduced spaces for living in. With everyone struggling to stay in these urban areas, apartments and rooms are growing smaller and smaller while the rent is only getting bigger. This can be a good enough reason to go back to the country because you get to live in generally more spacious homes that may cost less than a tiny one-bedroom space in the city. You may also be interacting with fewer people, therefore eliminating the need to put up with much negativity constantly.

Lower Cost of Living

With all the convenience and luxury that they offer, cities naturally have a high cost of living. Depending on what city you are in, prices of essential items and services may be higher than others. People who are tired of paying more than what is necessary ultimately decide to move away and find another place that still offers several opportunities but for a more reasonable price. You may have to physically work for your funds in the country, but you may be getting your money’s worth paying for your expenses.

Away from Pollution

Urbanization will always be linked directly to pollution. Because of the various constructions and migration of people towards these places, tons of wastes are constantly being produced and dumped in the lands, waters, and air. This endangers the people living in them, haring them with diseases linked to dirty environments with polluted air. Not to say that rural areas are not polluted, but they are generally less defiled by toxic wastes from larges factories and companies. But it must be said that they are also starting to experience the impacts of pollution from the city, especially the suburbs closer to the outskirts of cities.


Traffic, as well as noise, has become a part of city life. Different sounds from vehicles, gadgets, appliances, and even the people themselves, can reverberate throughout the streets, even in the dead of night. Silence is a privilege in the city but is free in the country. Rural towns may be quieter as there are fewer vehicles and people to start a ruckus.

Settling for Family Life


Lastly, rural areas are ideal places to settle in with your own family. Because the cities are places for career-oriented individuals, family life may be more suited in quieter places that can be more nurturing for children. People who have already experienced everything there is to experience in the city move back to their family homes to immerse themselves in tranquility and simplicity.

These reasons are not meant to discourage people from living in the cities. After all, it is a fact that these booming capitals are the places where you should follow your dreams and start your future. Rural areas also have some disadvantages that present as major inconveniences that can be difficult to deal with. But if you are entertaining the idea of leaving the city to find peace somewhere else, this may be the sign. Getting away from the busy life may be beneficial for your mind and body, so you can consider staying temporarily out in the province to think your decision over. The important thing is to find where your heart lies to make the most of the place where you are meant to be.



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