James Mitchell

A swim in your pool after a long hard day at work can be a great way to relax, but if you want to do it in the colder months, this could be a problem. You need to find a way to heat up your pool so that you can still take that swim even in the cold weather.

You could use an electric pool heater for your heating needs, but you could end up with a high electric bill. In Australia, there are three top pool heating options for the homeowner.

Solar Pool Heating Systems

Many people in Australia use solar pool heating systems as a way of harnessing the sun’s free energy. They install solar collectors on their roof. These collectors use tubes where the water runs through before it goes to the pool. The sun heats the water and gives your swimming pool a relaxing temperature. Solar pool heating systems generally have the lowest operating costs and require little maintenance. For environmentally conscious homeowners in sunny Perth, Melbourne and Sydney, solar pool heating is the answer.

Gas Pool Heating

Gas pool heating is much better for smaller pools and spas. You get a fast heat up time with gas pool heating. This heating option will require gas consumption every time you heat up your pool water. It requires the installation of pipes from a gas source to a heater. Though the heater may not cost much, the pipes could cause your initial investment to go up. Keep in mind, if you have a large swimming pool, your gas bill could rise considerably as this option is not that energy efficient.

Heat Pumps

Heat pumps pull the ambient into it which then passes through a compressor. The heated air then redirects back into the pool and heats up the water. These pumps give your pool a consistent temperature and do not need the sun for energy. This heating option is a cost effective option if you are using your pool for most of the year than the other heating options.

As a responsible homeowner, you need consider your budget and the energy you could save on your swimming pool heating option. Choose a pool heating system that is not only for health and recreation but also for energy efficiency.

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