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The kitchen is your home’s workhorse. Unfortunately, most homes nowadays have small kitchens since builders are more concerned with maximizing the space of other rooms at the expense of the kitchens. If this describes your home, you need not spend your days cooking in a cramped space and dreaming of the day you will move to a house with a bigger kitchen.

You can maximize the space allocated for your room with a kitchen remodeling handled by Fort Wayne’s best. This is a more permanent solution compared to the tips offered by numerous ‘’online experts’’ on how you can maximize your available space.

Here are the strategies you can incorporate in your remodel to maximize your allocated kitchen space.

1. Use a bump out.

The bump out strategy entails the bumping of a section of your exterior wall by 24 inches. This denotes the maximum space you can extend your wall to the exteriors without needing to lay a foundation and get building approvals.

The 24 inches might seem insignificant but in a cramped kitchen space, it will make a significant difference with the two feet extra space it will generate for your appliances and cabinets.

The bump out option will only work for houses with floor joists running in a correct direction since this will support the installation of a new wall.

2. Extend the kitchen.

Extending your kitchen into the room next to it like the dining room or breakfast nook sounds expensive, but it generally is not. The cost of increasing your kitchen into the rooms can be quite low when you work with qualified interior designers.

This option will not negate the function of these spaces but will instead only restructure them. You can also expand your kitchen into the pantry storage space under your stairs to get extra cabinet space.

You will need to realign your doorways and relocate some windows to guarantee that your traffic flow is unhindered when extending your kitchen into other rooms.

marble counters kitchen design

3. Remove clutter.

Clutter in your kitchen will break the visual lines and make your room seem way smaller than it is. Consider investing in roll-out shelves, hanging cabinets and extra storage under your counters to hide your items way. The out-of-sight storage will conceal your clutter and make your kitchen look open, expansive and sleek.

4. Rethink your sink.

There are different sink styles used for kitchens currently. If your home, for instance, features double sinks, you can opt for a single bowl solution which will easily give you an extra 30cm space on your counters.

Doing away with one of the drain ones installed on either side of your sink will also increase your available bench space. Some homeowners opt for undermount sinks which are mounted below your benchtop and have concealed edges.

People remodel their kitchens every day but some end up only with a modern-looking kitchen, and at times a smaller kitchen owing to all the additions. The above strategies are the best choices for those looking for an expanded and stylish kitchen. These will be used in combination with various professional techniques to ensure your kitchen remains functional.

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