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CarsSevere storms come with a range of destructive effects. When cars are left out in the open, they are vulnerable to hail damage which can be extensive. If you live in places that are susceptible to unpredictable weather, you should find a way to protect your vehicle. Here are ways to protect your car.

Invest in a carport

A garage is the safest place for your car; however, if your space is limited or if there is none where you live, a carport is a great alternative. Installing a carport in Brisbane allows you to shield your car from hailstones, excessive sunshine and frost. What’s more, you can attach it to the wall of your house or install it as a standalone structure. You can also purchase a car cover. It will come in handy if you are caught in a storm in the middle of nowhere.

Drive into the hailstorm

If the hail is already coming down and you can’t find a safe place where you can take shelter, you should drive into the hail. As you are driving, the storm will be hitting your windshield instead of the windows. Windshields are much stronger than windows.

Find a covered parking area

If you are in the middle of driving and a storm breaks out, find cover as quickly as possible. You can pull into a gas station, parking garages or freeway overpasses that provide protection. Use your phone’s GPS to locate the nearest shelters or save them before venturing out.

Park beside a huge building

Parking your car on the opposite side of the building from where the wind is blowing can also help. If the wind and hail blow from the left, park the car on the right side of the building.

Protecting your car will save you expensive repairs. Stay safe by adopting the above tips. Listen for warnings from the weather forecast, so you will always be ready.

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