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Anyone who’s ever experienced living in a tiny living space understands the huge challenges that come with it. It can be a hassle and certainly time-consuming, what with all the planning involved. However, designing these kinds of smaller spaces isn’t an impossible task. Even the most cramped spaces can turn into functional and stylish areas that truly reflect your taste and personality.

If you’re currently thinking of ways to make that tiny space work for you, we got your back. Here, we’ll share some pro designer tips and tricks for maximizing small spaces.

Let it Pour in: It’s All About the Lighting

Do you have access to a ton of natural light in your living room? If yes, then you’re in luck. Let all the light pour in and don’t go for dark curtains that will block it out. When it’s bright, this will give your space a more open and airy vibe. But, in case you don’t get a lot of sunlight in your room or don’t have large windows, you can maximize the light you have by choosing lighter shades for your décor.

For tinier spaces in Irvine, CA, flat areas such as the table tops and laminate flooring should be maximized. When choosing some lighting fixtures, go for ones that hang in the air, like pendant lighting in your bedroom or wall sconces or lights by your sofa.

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall: The Fairest Piece of Them All

Apart from high ceilings and large windows, mirrors are excellent pieces to make a small space seem larger and more open. Put one on a wall adjacent to a window and see all the difference it can make.

A well-placed mirror will definitely have a huge impact on tiny living spaces. If you don’t want a huge mirror on your wall, place one behind a light source –whether it’s a bedside lamp, a small scented candle, or a pendant light. By doing this, you’ll be able to maximize the light’s reach to the fullest while also having an almost magical effect in your space.

Get High: Ceilings are Your Best Friends

To make full use of your available vertical space, use high curtains for tall windows and top it all off with some wallpaper. Make sure to choose curtains in a lighter shade with a basic design, but go for some extra fabric. In addition, hang your curtains well above a window for that added height and airiness. Even if you’re lacking in surface space, high ceilings will help you create that larger, brighter vibe in those tiny areas at home.

Keep it Together: Choose a Unifying Color

grey sofa and vases in a grey brick background

If you only have three to four rooms you can work within your apartment, give each one a distinct style through colors. Assign a unified color scheme — from the walls to the décor — for every room.

Emphasizing one unifying color is an effective way to fade defining lines inside the room. By doing this, each room is going to feel recognizably different when you move from one to the other. Cover the walls of the entire room in a single color for a larger feel. Go for soft or soothing shades or warm and rich colors.

Small spaces present a number of designing dilemmas. But, with a few simple tricks, you can turn your tiny space into a functional and eye-pleasing sanctuary.

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