James Mitchell

Small homes provide the perfect opportunity to get creative in utilising as much as space as possible. Here is how you can make use of that precious square footage and make the most out of your lovely abode.

Use Space Saving Furniture

Double duty furniture has become more popular with the rise of vertical living. You can use a space-saving couch, for example, as a bed at night and can have compartments at the bottom that you can use to store pillows and other beddings.

Modern coffee tables also serve as a storage chest and while the tufted types also serve as bench seating. Furniture has never been this fun and functional.

Use Sliding Doors

Traditional doors require much space for them to properly function and completely swing open. You can address space restrictions for doorways in small rooms by using sliding doors instead of the traditional ones.

An interior sliding barn door is all the rage in the world of home design because they are functional, practical, and look pretty, too; it is the complete package. They can go from rustic, eclectic, to modern and industrial design, making these sliding doors a great design solution for space-restricted rooms.

Create a Bright Space

White interiors never go out of style. Aside from giving the illusion of space, white painted walls can also instantly brighten up the space. However, going all white is not the only way to make an area look brighter and bigger.

Proper lighting, furniture placement, and some bright coloured accents make for a lively environment that feels bright and light at the same time. Bring in an unexpected pop of green in your space with the use of indoor plants. Using plants and flowers to enhance the design of your living space is always a good idea.

They are not only ornamental but also help keep your indoor air fresh and clean.

Creating a fully furnished and properly designed small space can be tricky. But with the right furniture, colour scheme, and practical design elements, you can create a cosy space that feels grand despite its actual size.

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