James Mitchell

Every time the summer season arrives, the air conditioner becomes everyone’s favorite appliance at home. All is well until you invite friends and family for a barbecue. Suddenly, your prized appliance is an eyesore. But no need to sweat it. You can conceal the gadget from everyone’s view using some very simple and interesting methods. Here are three examples:

Structure it in

With help from one of the HVAC companies in Raleigh, NC, build a structure where to place your AC unit. You can also let this be a storage space for those items that are always scattered across your yard. Think of it as a place to store anything in the garden including a lawn mower, sprinkler and so forth.

Some vegetation

When your pockets will not allow you to do any form of structural work, try a plant screen. A trellis plant always works by enhancing the vertical element of the garden while covering the AC. With some nice touch, it will leave ample access to the unit. The good thing with this concealment is that it allows you to incorporate the veggie garden.

Enhance your landscape design

Landscape designers know that the secret to a beautiful garden is to take captive of the eye. Distract the view using enticing elements in the garden. For example, add a bright path and some lush vegetation to the garden. Put a simple dull fence around the unit. No one will bother to check what is behind the fence because his or her eyes are already fed.

An air conditioner is irreplaceable, but it does not have to be in everyone’s sight. Use these handy tips to make sure the unit fits in the surrounding.

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