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The world is at the peak of its technological revolution. What used to be just daydreams of touch screen computers and holographic calls have become a reality. But independent vacuum cleaners, smart TVs, and video calls are just the tip of this high-tech iceberg. Home improvements have become so advanced that you can call your house a smart home with these innovative products.

With that said, here are the four smart products that you should get to make your lives easier:

1. Smart Locks

Security always comes first. The invention of smart locks perfectly combines security and convenience. It usually goes with a mobile app that you can use to lock and unlock doors with a simple tap on your phone. For the forgetful types, they can set automatic lock schedules, so they won’t have to worry about thinking if they locked their door or not.

You can set auto-entry for people you trust, and smart locks will send either a text message or an email notification to inform you whenever someone goes in and who they are in real-time. Most importantly, some alarms can warn you of possible break-ins even if you’re miles away from home.

Smart lock systems usually range from $200 to $300, depending on how advanced the features you want. But if you have an extra budget to make it more stylish, then going to hardware retailers like Banner Solutions to get a wide range of smart locks is the ideal option for you.

2. Smart Toilets

Unless you’re living under a rock, you’ve probably already heard of the Japanese toilets. Although they seem kind of silly at first, the Japanese were actually onto something great.

Smart toilets have a wide variety of unique features. They have auto-deodorizers to take care of the smell. They have heated seats to make you feel more comfortable as you go. Some even have foot warmers. Having a bidet is no longer the most advanced feature a toilet has. They now have built-in air dryers, water massage and hip-cleaning systems, and a fully accessible control panel to adjust seat and water temperature and pressure.

There are also smart toilets that have separate built-in systems for male and female users. They have motion-activated toilet covers and seats that automatically move depending on the position the user has. And as a colorful bonus, they have an integrated mp3 player so you can relax and jam as you do your business. This is undoubtedly the number one for number twos.

flushing toilet bowl

3. Smart Dishwashers

Dishwashers will always be one of the most helpful inventions throughout a homeowner’s life. As one of the most sought-after kitchen appliances this year, living without a smart dishwasher is just too troublesome.

Smart dishwashers can now intelligently change the water temperature, pressure, and wash speed depending on the load. Through bacteria-killing hygiene rinsing systems, dishwashers can now automatically adjust the temperature of the final rinse to 70 degrees, ensuring that every particle gets melted away. There are even water jet systems that offer a 360-degree rinse through multiple spraying points on spinning arms.

And one of the best features as of late, there are now eco-friendly dishwashers that can convert wasted food particles and grime into reusable compost for the horticulturist in you. And to top it off, they are also solar-powered and portable, so you can bring them anywhere at any time.

4. Smart Lights

Smart lights have been around for quite some time now, but their continuous development is what makes them special. From merely having the capability to dim lights without installing dimmer switches to being able to control your lights when you’re a continent away, smart light technology has improved so much over the past few years.

Since you can connect your smart bulbs to smart home hubs like Google Home and Amazon Echo, you will have the power to control your home’s lighting through voice commands. You can also control them using a mobile phone app. And since they consume less electrical charge compared to traditional bulbs, you can turn your lights on from time to time when you’re on vacation to avoid break-ins and burglaries.

And speaking of home security, there are also smart motion sensor systems that you can adjust depending on your space. You can customize where and how your lights will turn on based on picked-up movements. You can also choose how long they have to stay on and the order in which the entire lighting system will turn on to maximize outdoor security.

And lastly, some smart bulbs have built-in speakers that you can use to play music. And to make it even sweeter, the 16 million colors a smart bulb has can change and pulsate as your music plays. So, it can either be a great party trick or a foolproof method of getting yourself to sleep.

In this technological revolution that everyone is facing, either you can be swallowed whole and be phased out or you can choose to be a frontrunner and enjoy the privileges that come along with it. Because in the end, the only thing constant in this world is change.

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