James Mitchell

These days, many people overlook simple but effective measures that can keep their home safe from the prowling burglars. Unfortunately, this makes them prone to break-ins and massive losses.

Your front door is the first line of defense against people who want to harm you or damage your property. On average, victims of home burglaries lose about $2,361 worth of possessions. In addition to getting sturdy security doors, you need to do other things to keep your home safe from thieves.

Keep It Cordial with the Neighbors

It might come as a surprise, but being friendly with your neighbors is the key to keeping your community safe. If you are in good terms with your neighbors, you can count on them to keep an eye on your place when you are out. They will alert you to a strange car pulling into your driveway or call 911 when you need medical help. Such preventive measures will save you a fortune.

Keep the Home Well Lit

Burglars thrive by going undetected. Thieves will scour a neighborhood for an easy target, usually a home that is shroud in darkness. They are sure that they can carry out their business and run away without anyone seeing them.

Outdoor lighting illuminates the house at night, making any burglar feel exposed. To keep your power bills low, get motion-detecting lights. Alternatively, you can get lights that you can control from your smart device to create an illusion that someone is home.

In the end, by taking simple but effective measures, you can keep your home safe from prowling burglars. Such actions do not require you to spend a fortune.

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