James Mitchell

Out-of-place corners, uneven spaces, unsightly nooks and crannies — every home has at least one of these. They can be a challenge to style up, to say the least. How do you make that small area behind the front door fit in with your home’s general aesthetic? What can you do about that landing just above the stairs that seem too small for a mini lounge but too awkward to be left empty? Is there any way to spruce up the eyesore of a blank space in between your kitchen cabinets?

Here are a few quick and simple design inspirations to finally get that one corner in your home useful in both form and function.

Behind the front door

There are a few simple ways to give a modern and chic interior design to any small space. Interior design is all about finding the right mix between functionality and fashion, and the area behind your front door can be a great place to get started.

Mirrors can expand small spaces and make them appear bigger. Put up a mirror just behind the door to draw the attention of visitors and make a good first impression. Just remember to make sure that the handles do not hit the mirror when the doors are fully opened.

Another great way to make use of this small space is with a simple console table. You can place a small hanging tower on the table to hold keys and other things you do not want to forget when going out. Choose decorative items that will not block the view of the mirror, and you have yourself a coherent and attractive arrival area for guests.

Staircase spaces

Staircase with a huge space underStairs are notorious for creating seemingly ugly corners and areas. Luckily, there are a few ideas you can use to transform this awkward space into a beautiful design piece, or at least blend it in with the rest of your home.

One guaranteed way to achieve this is with bookshelves. Find a bookshelf that fits in with your general style and place it under the staircase or even on the small landing area just above it. Decorative indoor plants are also a great way to accent corners. Consider placing potted plants next to the bookshelf to help this corner stand out.

Rugs are fantastic when it comes to defining a small space. Interior design experts often use an area rug, whether big or small, to help create ‘zones’ and make a room look more organised. Choose a rug that can more or less fit the space you want without being too imposing.

In between cabinets

Give these blank spaces a purpose by installing a simple shelving system. Counter and storage space are at a premium, no matter what kind of kitchen you have. Putting up additional shelves to accent the spaces between your cabinetry can quickly answer the blank wall dilemma while providing more space for your kitchen tools.

Find inspiration for designing the smallest and most awkward nooks and crannies in any home by trying these tips. With a little bit of research and some creative thinking, you can finally transform these once unwanted corners into well-defined, useful and attractive parts of your home.

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