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A squeaky door is enough to annoy someone. One thing that makes a door squeaky is when it rubs against wood. However, the solution can be as simple as coating the hinges with a lubricant or removing them. You can use steel wool to scrub rust that has formed on your hinge pins.

However, homeowners have to be cautious when removing or returning the hinge pins to avoid injuring themselves or damaging the door. Alternatively, hire a professional door repair expert to fix the door before the issue gets out of control. Here are incredible ways to silence slamming door hinges.

Remove Rust and Dirt with Steel Wool

Door hinge manufacturers recommend the use of steel wool to remove any dirt or rust on a hinge pin. If lubrication and waxing do not silence a squeaky door, try to remove any dust or dirt using steel wool. Lubricants and paraffin oil can’t remove grease, rust, or dirt. Take time to inspect the door, and if the hinges are coated or colored with rust or dirt, try to scrub with steel wool. After removing the pins and propping your door up, find a steel wool pad and place the hinges over a sink and begin to clean them.

Apply Wax to Pins of the Door Hinges

Wooden front door

You can extract paraffin wax from candles or purchase it in raw form in any craft shop. It is odorless, white, and usually sold in both larger slabs and small cubes. However, check the label first to make sure it is paraffin wax if you decide to extract wax from the candle. Though rare in the market, beeswax can be used as an alternative to paraffin wax. You can even use old paraffin candles that have colors or scents to lubricate your hinge pins. You can melt the wax of the candle in a microwave or over a stove. If you have an electric oven, you can heat the wax over it until it melts down. It is unsafe to melt the paraffin wax with a gas stove because it can overheat and ignite flammable vapors. 

Lubricating with Oil

You can try to grease the hinge pins before trying to remove them from the door. You don’t have to remove the door to spray enough oil to the hinge. Instead, use a silicon-based spray to try to coat the pins as best as you can, and check whether lubrication will silence the squeaky door before opting for another method.

Nothing can cause discomfort and disturb the peace within a house than a squeaky door. Whether it is weather, wind, or kids that caused the door to create those annoying sounds, a door that bangs shut can damage the frame or door and wear out your patience. Fortunately, homeowners can use various hardware tools to silence their slamming doors.

High-quality door hinges can last up to two decades as long as they’re well maintained. People are increasingly striving to live sustainably and responsibly and reduce their ecological footprint. One way is to preserve their door hinges to ensure everything functions properly.

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