James Mitchell

If there is one thing you do not want to happen at home, that is for it to have a trespasser and you losing important items in the process of their unwanted visit. After all, you worked hard for every item you have at home. It should be your property and yours alone, not something that anyone could take away without permission.

Despite being portrayed as unintelligent amateurs in movies and TV shows, burglars are actually shrewd and strategic thinkers. You would be surprised at what they could do. In fact, they have outrageously bold tactics, which are unknown to most homeowners.

The first step towards burglarproofing your home is to step inside the minds of these shrewd thinkers. If you think the way they do as you view your home, you could find weak spots and possible entry points that they may use.

Here are some of their common tactics, and how you can respond to each one and protect your home:

They call the police

This is their strategy to find out how long law enforcement officers can come to the house. It will help them plan their ransack in an efficient way. Of course, the response time of police is beyond your control. What you can manage though is the breaking-in time in your property.

If you can make it harder for burglars to break in, you might just keep them in your front porch long enough for a neighbor to call the cops — or long enough to frustrate them and thwart their plans. Install security doors and deadbolt door locks to make it difficult for burglars to get into your home.

They check your trash

Security camera

Burglars do this so they could know you more. Your trash is a treasure trove of information, from personal data in your past utility bills or the profile of your family members with your recent purchases.

Keep them from checking out your trash by having security cameras in your yard. These tools are effective deterrents for burglars because even though they might not be caught in the act at that particular moment, a CCTV will have their faces recorded. Reach out to home security companies and look for Utah experts who can help you better strategize the placement of such cameras in your yard.

They leave flyers at your doorstep

How long the flyers will be removed will give them an idea if the house is occupied. Homes that have piling mails and whatnot on their doorstep are a target among burglars, as it usually indicates that the residents are away for a vacation.

If you are planning to go on a trip for a long period, ask your neighbors to get flyers, mails, packages, and whatnot from your porch. On regular days, when you are off to school or office, a good and faithful pet dog is enough to keep burglars off your doorstep.

Again, the key to making your home burglarproof is to know how exactly burglars think and execute their plans. Outsmart these shrewd thinkers by being one step ahead of them.

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