James Mitchell

Walk-in ClosetWalk-in closets are a luxury—but unfortunately, sometimes, there’s not much luxury of space in this area. With so many stuff to keep, it’s easy to turn this space from luxury to lousy. The key here is storage. Here are some ways you can maximise storage in your small walk-in closet:

Be Smart

Sometimes, it’s all just about picking the right furniture so you can add storage to the space. For instance, use a double-hang closet organiser for your clothes and clear stacking bins for your shoes. These items apply the rule of maximising vertical space.

Baskets and cubbies are excellent additional storage spaces as well. Some people prefer those wicker baskets since they add that homey vibe to the area. Also, you can buy an ottoman online. You won’t just have extra storage, but also a seating area for when you’re deciding which outfits to wear.

Think Vertical

A lot of people make the mistake of just stuffing things in their cabinets and shelves, without thinking that the top of those furniture can also be used as storage space. The general rule when you’re in dire need of space is to look up. See which corners above eye level you can maximise for storage. Then, from there, use boxes or crates to keep your stuff.

Hang Things

You’ll have extra storage when you hang clothes, rather than folding them. Again, think vertically. You may use hooks as well, attaching them to bare walls or right to the cabinets. For accessories, like necklaces, earrings and sunnies you use every day, hang them in pegboards so you can easily reach for them.

Your small walk-in closet may not give much of the luxury of space, but you can make it luxurious by maximising its space. Keep in mind these tips as you spruce up your closet.

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