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When was the last time you paid keen attention to garage doors’ functionality? Studies reveal that few homeowners pay attention to their garage doors unless there is a problem with it. Garage door problems not only affect the operation of the motor, explains a Cairns garage door expert. They also compromise the security of your garage against home intruders. So, you may be wondering, what is the kind of maintenance tasks you should conduct on garage doors.

Here are key things on about garage doors that you always should be on the look-out for, to ensure they always are in their best functional state:

Inspect the Batteries

There are two kinds of batteries associated with your garage: one in the remote control and the other in the keypad. For the one in the remote control, inspect that it is working else you will not be able to operate the garage doors. The duration your battery will serve you depends on how often you operate your garage doors. On average, the remote battery should last about a year.

Also, ensure that you have spare batteries should the battery become empty. Typically, the batteries in your keypad operate on 9 volts and lie beneath the keypad. The battery compartment is, however, prone to temperature fluctuations. Therefore, as a good practice, replace the battery annually.

Lubricate the Moving Parts

Metallic components of garage doors such as tracks, springs and rollers suffer friction when in operation. Lubricating the parts with oil and grease will enable a smooth transition and minimal noise during operation. Also, clean the motor parts to remove any residues that may stand in the way of the parts.

Inspect the Automatic Reversal System

Garage door inspectionThe two reversal systems that garage doors operate on are photoelectric and mechanical systems. If your door operates on photoelectric, ensure there is a proper alignment of the photo eyes to ensure a smooth opening and closing. The way to check the reversal system is to place an object in the way of the door and see what happens. If the door stops and goes back to the original position, then the reversal system is working well. For a mechanical door system, place an object in the path of the door. A proper functioning door system indicates that the door stops and reverses when it gets in contact with the object.

Examine Weather Stripping

Weather stripping elements are the perimeter seal usually on the exterior frame of the door. These elements should be in the right place to ensure your garage has the right insulation. Ensure that the whole strip is not worn out or missing nor has suffered irreparable damage. Some weather stripping elements call for lubrication to keep them in their best condition.

Non-functional garage doors are among the few unexpected issues that every homeowner should seek to correct. It is advisable you conduct frequent maintenance on garage doors to continue enjoying the best service from them. The recommended maintenance is a yearly servicing, notes a garage door maintenance expert in Cairns. Finding the components that need repairing or replacing should only be after inspecting the state of the door and all the components.

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