James Mitchell

Have you heard of fibre-reinforced plastic (FRP) stair treads? If you have not yet heard of these treads, they are familiar in the building industry, and for good reason. Fibre-reinforced plastic is a sturdy plastic material. Thus, Ackworth House knows that FRP treads are tough and are among the reasons people opt for them. That, however, is not all about these treads. To install them, they should be:

Aesthetically pleasing

These treads are not just functional in protecting your stairs. They should also improve the overall look of your stairs. They are available in different styles and colours, and you can pick the colour and style of your choice.

Highly durable

Stairs receive much traffic from home users and guests. Therefore, it is crucial to look for a sturdy material for your treads. FRP is tough, so it can protect your stairs from high foot traffic. FRP treads can also withstand extreme pressure from the weight of the users.

Easy to maintain

Stairs get a lot of debris and dirt from the users. Hence, it is essential that you keep the stair treads safe and clean to minimise the chances of health diseases. FRP treads are easy to clean and maintain, and you could keep diseases at bay.


These treads are flexible. Thus, it is safe and easy to customise them according to any application you desire. You can use FRP treads for stairs in the office, in your home, or in commercial premises. The toughness of the treads is best for use in any application in the construction industry.

Now that you understand the reasons why FRP stair treads have become famous in recent years, you can find practical applications of these treads. They are more robust than any other types of treads. They can guarantee durable stairs in your home, office, or industrial premises.

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