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Every DIY enthusiast, from the professional craftsman to the weekend warrior, appreciate the value of having a Paslode cleaning kit. To excel in the highly skilled craft of keeping a home in great shape, you need to keep your tools in excellent condition. With the right tools and a dash of creativity, you can undertake many satisfying projects in the home.

Fix the Damaged Drywall

Cheap and easy to install, drywalls make the perfect choice for your home’s interior but are susceptible to damage. With a little bit of effort, you can repair the damaged bits and keep your home looking pristine.

Sparking paste is an incredible way to repair small drywall holes that measure less than three inches. For a nail punch, merely fill the gap and paint over it. For more massive holes, fix a fibre mesh over the hole and apply sparkling paste over it until it’s smooth and invisible, then paint over it.

Holes bigger than 3 inches take a little bit more effort to fix. You are better off cutting out the damaged bit and patch it. Just be sure to take accurate measurements to ensure that the patch is flush with the wall. Applying glue to the perimeter of the piece ensures that it sticks securely to the larger partition.

Change your AC Filters

man cleaning aircon filterKeeping your AC in good condition is a practical way to create a great home atmosphere without running up the bills. One of the easiest ways to do this entails changing the filters, which are located in the return air duct. Dust and other debris often clog the screens, making your system to operate inefficiently.

The filters ensure that the air flowing into the home is free from mould, pollen, dust, and other contaminants. Recognising that screens require regular changes, manufacturers make the replacement process a breeze. You only need to locate the filter panel, open it, and replace the dirty, clogged filters.

You need to be sure if your filters are reusable or disposable. With the reusable filters, vacuum the dirt and dust and put the devices back as they were. For the disposable variety, replace them with a new set.

Build Toys

Repairing broken items in the home won’t necessarily impress the little ones. For extra credit, you need to take out your wood cutting tools. Helping your kids build a toy from scratch not only saves money but also earns you the cool parent status. It’s a simple way to strengthen your parental bond on a Saturday afternoon. Instead of spending all their time gawking at the TV, your kids can pick some useful DIY skills in the process. There are plenty of plans on the Internet to help you build a range of toys, from cars to boats, to tiny houses.

With the right set of equipment in the home, you can keep the house in excellent condition. Every DIY enthusiast has the added advantage of saving money on home repairs and maintenance costs. You can also save some money on your kids’ toys and teach them some valuable life skills.

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