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Your fireplace is an integral part of your home. It keeps your family warm and cozy during cold months, and it serves as a focal point in your home aesthetics. And it adds value to your home, which is why investing in a functional fireplace always makes sense.

Maybe you already have a fireplace at home, but have you checked it lately? It is vital that you always inspect it, especially if you have been using it for years now. Who knows, maybe you will need to replace it soon. And replacing your fireplace is a serious job as it will involve some adjustments to your layout.

Before you replace your fireplace, you will need to find out if the situation really calls for it. That way, you will know that you are making the most of your new fireplace. Here are some signs that you need a new furnace in Utah.

The Bricks Are Falling Apart

Bricks may be made to last, but some elements can cause wear and tear over time. For one, the moisture from the outside and the smoke can cause the material to fall apart. When the bricks are falling apart, it is essential that you address the problem as soon as possible as it can compromise the other parts of the fireplace. The blocks at the top of the chimney can be the part that holds the crown, so if something happens to them, the cap might give in.

Smoke Fills Your Home

Fire alarm detecting smokeWhen you set a fire in your fireplace and smoke suddenly fills your home, the chimney might have a problem. The deposit of soot might have become thick. When the residue is triggered, there will be combustion, leading to chimney fires. Chimney fires are dangerous, so what you should do is have the chimney cleaned or replaced.

Rusting Is Evident

The rust on the damper can be easy to clean up. But keep in mind that the rust can come back again. With that in mind, you might want to know what causes the rust. It could be moisture. But where does moisture come from? Moisture should be prevented at all costs as it will cause the bricks or the flue lining to disintegrate over time. When there are cracks in the flue lining, moisture can enter the home through them.

The Chimney Crown Is Damaged

The chimney cap is the protective cover of your chimney. It keeps rains and moisture from getting inside the fireplace and your home. More often than not, the crown is made of metal. When it comes to this, you can expect that the metal component will warp and bend over time. If it gets damaged, it is essential that you replace it.

In the end, these are only some things to keep in mind if you are planning to change your fireplace. Avoid doing DIY repairs or replacements. You ought to work with a reliable provider to ensure that you get the best materials and services.

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