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Fight off the biting cold of the winter. Keeping your home warm all throughout the whole season is a good way to enjoy the holidays and the weather. Here are some effective methods not to let the cold bother you.

Check Your Furnace or Heater

Before the winter officially starts, it’s necessary to examine your heating system months or weeks ahead. Have a licensed HVAC contractor perform a complete inspection and allow them to perform heating repairs in Utah whenever necessary. This will save you from the hassles of enduring the cold with malfunctioning or broken unit.

Clean Up the Gutter

Remove leaves, dust, dirt or debris of any kind out of your gutter. Otherwise, they may clog your downspouts and gutter systems. When cleaning it, one great method to check whether there’s a blockage in the system is to pour down water into it and observe the flow of water. Pay extra attention to this part of your home as it may cause serious damages to your property.

Winterize the Plumbing

Prevent having freezing or burst pipes by insulating your plumbing system properly. Use thermal insulation materials to protect your pipes and drains from extreme coldness. Pay extra attention to faucets and pipelines which are exposed outside. At times when the temperature hits the lowest, one good way to battle the possibility of frozen pipes is to keep a small yet steady amount of water dripping from the faucet. This would keep your system work normally as well as prevent your system from completely freezing.

Seal Off Properly

Check every corner of your doors and windows. If you feel drafts or wind blowing around these areas, use weatherstrip to seal them off. You may also use draft snake (draft stopper) beneath the doors and your window frames to avoid the cold wind from getting inside your home. If you notice small cracks on the surface, use caulking materials to block them off. They are extremely easy to apply so it shouldn’t be hard to do it on your own.

Brace yourself for the winter season by following these winterizing tricks. Be sure you double check everything especially when inspecting your heating as well as cleaning your gutter system.

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