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Indoor climate control is becoming more sophisticated these days. When considering radiant floor heating in Park City, Utah, residents should forget about the expense for a while and consider the long-term benefits.

It may not seem like a huge concern when the weather is warm, but when it gets cold, you do not want to step on icicles. You want to keep your family comfortable and healthy when the temperature drops.

For central or localised heating

There are two underfloor heating mechanisms, namely hydronic and electric systems. To simplify, the former relies on electric wires for heating, while the latter relies on hot water tubes. In a hydronic system, fluid flows within a pipeline for heating the floor. This is a conventional primary system. Meanwhile, the electrical system uses electrical resistance to provide thermal comfort.

Electrical systems are ideal for smaller areas, while hydronic radiant heating systems are typically installed to heat an entire house. Electrical systems are more expensive to maintain and operate, but they are relatively inexpensive to install. Interestingly, hot water tubes may require a higher initial installation cost, but the operation and maintenance are budget-friendly, considering an efficient system is in place.

These days, you have the choice between a central system and one providing local heating. Both systems may be adapted for wet and dry flooring systems and placed directly underneath a subfloor.

A more efficient system saves money

Systems utilising radiation as a form of heat exchange are generally considered more energy efficient. You can expect as much as 15 percent savings. The heat exchange from a conventional forced air system is not as efficient. Why is this so? Conventional systems offer comfort but also suffer from a disadvantage. Ducts can leak air and this is equivalent to energy being wasted.

In addition, conventional systems work by blowing air out of the registers—air at a high temperature that tends to rise to the ceiling. There, the air drops down and loses heat in the process. The system may provide heat to the top of your head, but your feet remain frosty.

An invisible system is a new favourite

Couple lying on a heated floor

Obviously, we are presenting an argument in favour of radiant heat systems, and so allow us to present why it is a better choice. Plumbing experts are partial to the setup not only because it is more efficient. It does not involve ductwork and radiators, and are, therefore, quiet and unassuming. To a degree, the system is invisible but provides even heat to give your family the comfort you all deserve. Did we say you could retrofit this invisible and energy efficient system to a specific room in the house?

A comfortable home is all you have ever wanted for your loved ones. If you are still paying for a conventional forced air system, then a renovation should be due. Now that you already know the qualities that make radiant setups more favourable, the decision is yours to make. Start looking for a supplier and installer of radiant underfloor heating systems today.

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