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Home Expressions is proud to have a healthy community of home improvement enthusiasts, as well as a team of in-house experts, and a fully-functioning interior design and architectural studio. Our products and services are available to all our clients, and price quotes and estimates are available upon request. Home Expressions is ready to address all your home improvement issues today with our full-board of services.

Expert Consultations

With Expert Consultations, clients are directed to our in-house team of experts for consultation on matters regarding everything in home improvement. Our in-house team is comprised of industry leaders with years of experience in their respective fields. Clients can expect high-quality service from renowned architects, contractors, and designers. Expert Consultations has helped numerous satisfied clients with a variety of issues, from small projects to emergency remodeling.

Choose from our list of experts, and they will respond to your issues ASAP. All consultations will be done via email or phone, and all details will be kept private. Consultation prices differ for each expert, and payments are made via PayPal.


Marketplace is where Home Expression users buy, sell, and trade home improvement tools, books, furniture, and everything else in between. All sellers are vetted by our team of experts to ensure that our clients get only the best products from the most trusted sources. Marketplace is where clients can go to interact with like-minded individuals and find items that have been handled with care and love.

In Marketplace, clients can also trade items, if the item passes our strict community standards. All payments can be decided between buyer and seller. Note: Home Expressions is a forum host and is not liable in any sale conducted in Marketplace.

Right Directions

Home Expressions prides itself on having a community of experienced home improvement and modern living enthusiasts who are willing to share their knowledge and contacts with everyone. Right Directions is where clients go to get info on trusted contractors, cost estimates, and advice on D-I-Y projects.

Like Expert Consultations, Right Directions is a completely free service for all Home Expressions users. Simply create an account, and then browse through our numerous topics that cover all things home improvement.

Design Studio

Design Studio is Home Expressions in-house interior design and architectural studio, where clients choose from our distinguished interior design and architectural experts for their modern living projects. Design Studio is a premier service offered by Home Expressions, and is a full design service from start to completion.

Clients are invited to the Home Expressions Design Studio, where they are met by their hand-picked team of designers and architects. Site visits, design consultations with the client, and research of trends will all be provided by Design Studio, along with recommendations of trusted contractors in your area. Contact us for a price estimate.

Inspired Coaching

Home Expressions is an advocate of Inspired Living, where people are encouraged to become the best versions of themselves through creative learning, motivational lectures and inspired spaces. Our team of Inspired Living experts are fully certified Life Coaches and fully-licensed interior designers, so that they can provide you peace of mind while reinvigorating your living spaces. Contact us for a price estimate.

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