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Modern swimming pool designPool maintenance involves various measures. One of these is the use of chemicals to balance various components or enhance your water safety. Sanitizers, algaecides, balancers, oxidizers, stabilizers, and PH control chemicals all work together to make your pool water safe and clean.

These chemicals require an intricate balance, and frequent testing is essential. This might be a real hassle and hard to achieve in most cases. But you can get a pool builder like Dolphin Pools & Spas to install an automatic chemical distribution system to take the hassle out of your pool maintenance. Here are some of the automatic chemical feeders you can select.

Liquid Feeders

These automatic feeders are further grouped into venturi, diaphragm and peristaltic feeders. Peristaltic pumps have a flexible tube squeezed by a motor driven roller while diaphragmatic ones have a casing enclosing a diaphragm controlled by a revolving cam. Venturi systems create a vacuum, which pulls liquids into pool water through a large venture.

Dry/Erosion Feeders

These systems gradually erode the solid chemicals needed to balance your pool water. The chemical is put in a capped container and water flows through the dry feeder gradually eroding and dissolving it. New dry chemical feeders have a valve which monitors and regulates water flow consequently regulating the chemical output.

Gas Feeders

Gas feeders are typically used to control pool water PH. They introduce carbon dioxide gas into your pool water via high-pressure tanks, which reacts with various ions to produce carbonic acid. This is a weak acid, which lowers pool water PH. A PH probe monitors the PH and controls the release of carbon dioxide to balance it.

Automating your pool chemical system assures you of an optimal chemical balance in your pools. It also leaves you with more time to enjoy the pool rather than stress about measuring, adding and reducing various chemicals. Get a pool builder to advise you on the best choice for your pool and install one today.

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