James Mitchell

The vintage can be contemporary-looking, and the modern-looking may possess some vintage vibes. If you are confused with the juxtaposition, you can easily understand it by looking at a mid-century home. After all, mid-century aesthetics is all about juxtaposition and modernity.

It is a movement in the ‘30s up to the early ‘70s. Mid-century aesthetics is characterised by the use of clean lines for furniture and minimal decoration. But the background and other design items can be a giveaway of its vintage persona.

Here are some ways for you to turn your home into a mid-century paradise:

Use wood and metal

As mentioned, mid-century can be about juxtaposition. This is why blending two materials is a good idea. For this, you may use a rattan seat or a leather couch, which can be complemented by a steel staircase or a metallic frames for your artworks. It may even resemble an industrial loft.

Put in a pop of colour

Mid-century modern is also known for its usage of popping colours—the type that stands out from the rest of the interiors. The colour can be found in a signature furniture piece. It can also be a section of the wall that is complemented by wood and stone sections. Bold colours may include red, yellow, turquoise, and even violet.

Go for geometric

When choosing your furnishings, do not choose those with elaborate patterns, such as pieces with Edwardian or Victorian styles. Instead, go for furniture with clean and geometric lines. It is an allusion to the prediction of the people from the olden times that the future will be structured and simple in look and function.

A mid-century home is something that you may want to achieve if you want your space to look and feel modern and vintage at the same time. To avoid blunders, it is recommended that you choose a design that makes use of flexible furniture.

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